taking stock when mercury is retrograde

it's that time again, you may have seen me mention it before, Mercury is once again in Retrograde, now while before this may have sent me into a blind panic wanting to run for the hills, this time I realise it's an important time to face my problems, tackle the issues that i've been turning my back on and make some introspective decisions about my present and future. but before I can look ahead, I need to take stock, so here we go. 

making : our rented flat feel more like a home with mirrors and picture
cooking : anything from Jamie Oliver's recipe books
drinking : teapigs assam chocolate tea
reading: my favourite blogs on bloglovin (when I get the chance)
wanting: to take a walk in the countryside
looking: at my son playing calmly with his new belated Christmas presents
playing: certain situations and conversations over in my head
wasting: energy and thoughts on things that don't matter 
sewing: still not a damn thing
wishing: we had a home of our own and a bigger family
enjoying: being more creative and outgoing 
waiting: for my hungover boyfriend to to jump out of bed
liking: how I'm surrounded by people who care about me and want to help me succeed
wondering: how the next few months are going to pan out
loving: moving forward 
hoping: this year I'll achieve that work life balance every mother wants
marvelling: at successful self employed women 
needing: a phone call with someone who believes in me
smelling: the last remaining yankee candles I've been burning at home
wearing: pyjamas 
following: people that inspire me 
noticing: that at the end of the day all that matters is my family
knowing: if it's going to be then it's up to me
thinking: about how to become a better morning person 
feeling: relaxed on this Sunday morning
bookmarking: books I'd like to read 
opening: doors that will lead me to a better future 

a lot has changed since last doing this, which has really humbled me and made me realise how much i have to be grateful for. my future looks so different and i can't wait to see things unfold. i think it's so important to always keep moving forward and develop myself as a person. i'm seeing huge changes in me and that can only mean good things.

have you felt the effects of mercury retrograde? take stock and use it as time to reflect

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