as the glitter settles...

perhaps it shouldn't take the arrival of a New Year to spark motivation and thoughts of prosperity for the future, but it sure does help make a difference to my outlook. it's a time to reflect, on ups and downs of the last year, where i went wrong and how i can improve. as i take down the Calendar with all 300 and something days crossed off and replace with one that marks a clean slate.
the last couple of months have whizzed past in a wine and cheese fuelled haze, we slowed down in some respect but in others we were full throttle filling our days with activities and seeing friends and family.
on this first Monday of the month, now that the glitter has settled and we're back into the familiar routine, i have a clearer focus. the stars are no longer blinding my eyes and i know what it is i have to do to make this year. 2015 my year.
better than last year's: events, celebrations, promotions, friendships, dining, drinking, travelling and generally trying to grasp every weekend and day. 
i want to make this year the year of growth. on so many levels.

on this first Monday of the year, i'm feeling hopeful, excited and prosperous. 
what will you be doing this year to make 2015 yours?

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