a peak into my dreams

to keep me constantly motivated and inspired, i like to have a visual representation of the things i'd like to have and achieve. the easiest way i can think of doing so is by creating a board on Pinterest. i've called it my Dream Board, i look at it and update it frequently to keep me striving for success. i thought it quite inspiration to share a sneak peak of it on here:

there's a quote i saw recently that resonates strongly with me: 'whether you think you can or whether you think you can't, you're right'. i get plagued with self doubt quite often and then remember that, 'i can if i think i can'. if i think about success i will achieve success and i've learnt to keep negative thoughts at bay. it's not easy and i have days where my confidence is pushed back, but i perk myself up by looking at my board and know i'm on the right path.

those cute little toes reminds me of Corben as a new born and i often think about expanding our family, that's one of my goals for the future, but i know there's a few goal posts i have to reach before that happens.

travel is a huge dream of mine, i was desperate to experience the world but then Corben came along and those dreams had to be put away for a while. but i know the sooner i start achieving with my business i'll have the opportunity to take the whole family to the places i sometimes dream about. at least i now have a connection to Australia with my business, which is the greatest excuse to board the plane and touch down in Oz.

lastly, i like to imagine the perfect house for us. the one in the picture above just looks idillic, if you've seen my Pinterest i'm sure there are at least 1000 pins in 'home decor'. that's another one of my driving forces, to buy the house of our dreams and make it our own, put our stamp on it, and take pride in each room. 

these are the things that get me up in the morning.
what are your dreams?

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