tips on: decorating your christmas tree with a toddler

it's the first christmas in our flat this year, and with that means we have zero christmas decorations of our own. we haven't yet accumulated a stash of baubles and fairy lights, or even yard of tinsel. so this year, we're starting from scratch.
luckily we've been donated a few things from family and friends but we're really trying to keep it minimal, especially with a Tasmanian toddler roaming the place.

first things first, real or fake? the tree i mean. for the majority of Christmas' we've had a fake tree, but having a real one authenticates everything a little more and makes a nice change. this year we're back to a small fake tree to keep needles to a minimum.

to avoid getting overwhelmed with the endless possibilities of bauble and decoration hanging, each year i pick a theme, usually it is a colour them. this year we went with red and gold. using what we were given we started with lights. i've learnt the best way to get an even wrap around of lights is to start from the bottom and work your way up gradually anit-clockwise and viola a perfectly balanced string of lights.

a few baubles have already been scratched and lost thanks to Corben but we've tried our best to keep things intact. keep it minimal is my tip, so we've dotted a few red baubles not as evenly. we found a few white snowflakes that we thought would add a nice element to the tree. and lastly draped a string of gold beads to give it a little more sparkle.

so without spending a fortune, or ruining our best decorations we've created a cosy and neat looking tree to live on our coffee table for the next couple of weeks.

how do you decorate your tree?

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