what's in my bag

most of the time you'll find a load of receipts and random bits and bobs i probably forgot i had in my bag. but these have been my few essentials recently.

i take my pencil case and notebook everywhere because i never know when a great idea will pop in my head for a blog post or to network my new business (read that blog post here). so this is always with me.

next is a pair of black leather gloves, absolutely need these with me at all times as of the last week, pushing a buggy with bare hands gets a little painful in this cold weather. these gloves were gifted to me last christmas, i love them as they go with all my coats and outfits.

i also always have a mixture of Lush and Forever Aloe products. the product i'm loving at the moment, is the Aloe Heat Lotion, not only does it soothe a headache by rubbing a tiny amount on the temples it soothes any ache and pain that crops up while out and about... when good old mother nature pops up and decides to cripple you with abdominal pains, this baby works just like a hot water bottle. with eucalyptus as a natural warming agent it has saved me on many occasions in the past week i've had it.

another favourite is the Popcorn Lip Scrub, i've become slightly addicted because it's so delicious, with coconut oil and natural flavourings it tastes like the best bag of popcorn you've ever had and exfoliates the lips. essential for before applying a bit of red lippy or some lip balm...

which brings me onto Aloe Lips, a miniature miracle in a stick: it conditions lips as it contains jojoba oil, and the aloe vera also soothes any scratches, cuts, burns or bites that may effect the skin. perfect to tuck into the side pocket of my bag.

i always have the intention to paint my nails, so always carry around a nail varnish, it will 9 times out of 10 be red and Barry M.

when i visited the Lush Gorilla Perfume Gallery, i fell in love with the new fragrance 'All Good Things' it is sweet, but not in a sickly way and compliments my skin so well, i wear this whenever i'm not working at Lush.

and lastly, this weather calls for a moisturising hand lotion for when you're on the go. i used to carry around 'Handy Gurugu' from Lush but prefer that the Forever Moisturising Lotion is in a tube, making it easier to apply in moments of desperation. it sinks into the skin quickly and leaves a protective layer.

and of course the bag that has never let me down in the 2 years i've had it is Cath Kidston

to take a look at the Forever Aloe products, head over to my retail store where you can find the Heat Lotion and Aloe lips

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