forever living | a new business adventure

i'm always one to say 'everything happens for a reason' as cliche as that is, throughout my entire life i've gathered enough evidence to admit yes, things do happen for a reason.
whether things don't work out the way you imagined or things fall apart, most of the time, it's to make way for something better to come along, and with a positive attitude, something better always does come along. 
within the last year, i've learnt a lot and grown so much as a person. there's been a few knock backs, and my recent one had me thinking what is their in store for me now?
it seems i've stumbled across that new door and taken a bit of a leap through it rather than a step.
but that leap of faith is what i needed and has given me the opportunity to set up my own business. 
yup, that's right. alongside working part time and juggling a family, i've decided to start a new adventure as a Forever Living distributor. some of you may have heard of it, others not. but i'm very chuffed to say that as of last week, i've been introduced to a worldwide company, selling aloe vera based products.
working at Lush has made me passionate about natural ingredients and the importance of an ethical company and considering the way our society is headed at the minute, i think everyone is realising the importance of this too.
setting up a business on your own is not easy and it doesn't work out for everyone, it's also a dream that i've had for many years, and now i can put it into practice, at least now, i'm not alone. i have a whole network of people who are in the same boat and passionate about the same products and company.

with my business in a box, i'm ready to start networking and growing my business from scratch, be prepared to see a lot more of this in the future along with the dozens of christmas posts i have in store.
if i've sparked your curiosity, please feel free to contact me or have a look at the products available on my personal distributor website here.

the last time i took a leap of faith, i fell, but landed on my feet. i'm hoping this leap of faith lets me fly.

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