borough market

it was a quiet Tuesday afternoon, we hopped on the tube and followed the brick road to London Bridge where the famous Borough Market can be found. although we went on a day before the full market is open there was still a plethora of things to see. from black leaf tea, to truffle honey, and quant fruit and vegetable stalls. 

soooo much cheese. for every occasion, we had a little taste of course.

of course, it's mostly food, and all the best stalls are waiting for you outside. the smells are so enticing and each corner has something to offer. slat beef bagels, spit roast pork, falafel burgers, pancakes, oh i could go on..

in the end it was the salt beef bagels that won us over, we ordered two with all the trimmings, found a place to park our bottoms and indulged.

look at that meaty beast, smothered in mustard. i'm drooling just looking at it. 

we finished those off and had a meander around the rest of the market. unfortunately for us we went nearer the end of the day and missed out on i'd say half of all the sellers, but we still had plenty to taste and try and smell and buy. 
we next stumbled upon this huge dish of bubbling green sauce and seafood. you'd think those bagels would've hit the spot but our stomachs were rumbling for more. 
we grabbed a portion and devoured (a bit more slowly this round).

look at all that delicious seafood, washed down with a bitter lemonade.
there was so much to see there and i hope to go back on a wednesday to saturday when the full market is on. regardless, we spent a good while browsing and chatting and of course munching. 
if you've never been before i'd definitely recommend. perhaps you'll see another post this season when i return for the full market.

i bet you're hungry now huh?

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