a christmas gift for: that special person

this was an idea i stole from Pinterest last year. i wanted to get M something that we would both enjoy and make us spend more time together. it's so simple and costs next to nothing, but has endless potential.
all you need is an empty jar and lollipop sticks (available at any craft store for as little as the change in your pocket). then grab a sharpie and start writing down different dates on each stick. it can be anything from taking a walk to the park or having a fancy meal at a fancy restaurant. make sure you include budget friendly ideas for that week before pay day.
you can even make a family friendly jar for things to do at the weekend for the whole family.
this is a great thoughtful gift for when you're christmas budget has run dry, or you just want to impress your other half by making something by hand.

will you be re-creating the date jar this christmas?

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