winter wardrobe for nails

here's my stash of nail polishes, it's taken a few years to reach this point in my collection. buying nail varnish is always a splurge and impulse buy, if i spot a pretty pastel or warming red i just can't help myself and the purse comes out. there's just something so satisfying and therapeutic about painting nails.. like painting a mini canvas, i become an artist within my own right.

these are some of my favourites. i have a thing for pastel colours (as well as a good red, only 2 of about 5 are shown above). 

aren't topshop nail paints so cutely packaged, i'm drawn to polka dots....

ahh Barry M, you're the culprit for my somewhat compulsive and slightly obsessive nail varnish fetish. my love for berry and warmer colours means my nails get a lot fancier in the winter months.
taking pride in my nails is perhaps quite indulgent but it's a weekly evening ritual for me (and i'm sure many others too).

what does your stash look like?

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