on moving on & next chapters

perspective really is a wonderful thing. 
it's the bright light on a cloudy situation. the clarity and saturation after a storm. it's this perspective that has allowed me to see the past few years of my life in different chapters. at the time each chapter perhaps doesn't feel that significant, but, perspective lets me see each period of time as chapters been and gone.
for me, whatever i do, whatever my attention is focused on, i cannot bear to become stagnant, regressing means i'm not moving forward.
at first the open door i walked through was somewhat of an Alice rabbit hole, which only waking up from enabled me to see clearly. when that door opened it was full of hope possibility and opportunity, although it was all of these things to begin with, it was a disappointing outcome. but without becoming too jaded and disappointed, i'll focus my attention on other doors, other options. now i can see that although this didn't work out, i won't be shutting the door forever. but for now, the key i hold is for another door, another path, a new chapter with many more exciting hopes and prospects. so, i will not be discouraged, but will use my new found confidence and experience to succeed and progress in new ventures. 
one door closes and another opens as they say. let's hope that's true.

can you relate to this post? if so i'd love to see your comments

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