my favourite movies to watch over halloween

Hocus Pocus 
of course top of the list is Hocus Pocus, this film is the first thing that comes to mind when i think of halloween, it's a classic and one you definitely need to watch if you haven't seen it before.

i adore Nicole Kidman in the following two movies, the first Bewitched is a bit of a rom com with a touch of magic, it's ironic and funny and cute. unlike Hocus Pocus it portrays a nicer side to witches.

Practical Magic
a film not many i know have seen and completely under-rated! it's a really lovely tale of how two witch sisters try to lift a curse put upon every man they ever love. it's a little soppy but magical nonetheless.

Shaun of the Dead
i couldn't have a list with at least one Zombie movie! i used to love gory and horrific zombie films, but now my stomach just can't take the firght (i blame my post birth hormones, everything changes!) so now comedy zombie films will have to do, my favourite being Sean of the dead. i could watch this time and time again and never get bored.

what are your favourite Halloween movies?

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