heart-warming autumnal soup

i do love a slow-cooker recipe. mine gets a lot of love over the autumn and winter months. it's so quick and easy to throw a few ingredients together and leave it to work it's magic over the day, greeting you in the evening with a wonderful homely smell and infused flavours.

this recipe is definitely a tummy warmer for those chilly autumnal days. it's also great to use up what you've got in the cupboards, it's also very flexible if you don't have every ingredient to hand and quite budget-friendly now that squash/pumpkin is in season.

to feed 6 you'll need:

this recipe can easily be halved to feed just 3.

if you're feeling a little less lazy, you can shallow fry the vegetables until soft before placing them into the slow cooker. (it's unnecessary to peel the potatoes and squash/pumpkin, so save yourself the arm ache!)

now go and relax, take a shower, read a book, grab a coffee, see friends, then come home and be greeted by a splendid smelling kitchen and steaming slow cooker.

grab a stick blender and cautiously blend what's in the slow cooker until creamy and smooth.
ladle it out into bowls and enjoy on its own or with a nice crusty bread loaf!

the pumpkin made this a gorgeous warm orange colour. i crumbled a ryvita crisp bread on top as an alternative to bread.

what's you favourite autumnal recipe?

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