halloween look inspired by Gaga

for months i've been looking forward to the Lady Gaga ArtPop tour in London and had so many ideas to dress up as for the big night. seeing as i was going with a friend, we decided to pair up and pull of this well known look from Gaga's Born This Way video.

it was such a simple and effective look to pull off and can be doubled up as a Halloween look too (which i'll be doing again this Friday). 

the above is what i used to achieve the look.
 in the end i decided not to use a base colour or pale white paint, as i didn't want to fork out for something i'd only really use once. luckily it still looked great without having to cake my skin in white paint!
for the bulk areas i used a mixture of black eyeshadow from the Beauty UK palette and black MUA pencil (only £1). i could've pulled off the whole look with just the pencil and an angled brush (if you're on a tighter budget) but the eyeshadow helped with shading and filling in. 
i also used cotton buds to erase any mistakes and just tidy things up a bit. the grey Claire's palette was a bit of an unnecessary buy but i used it for the neck area and a little bit of shading. 
if you have the time (or are a perfectionists like me), i recommend practising the look at least once before your big night. it gives you a chance to work out what techniques work best and what you can do with what you have available. i practised twice before, only because i wanted it to be perfect and i got a little obsessed because turns out, it's a lot of fun!

as a guide, i just used the picture above of Gaga and zombie boy and copied as much as i could, starting with the eye area. then shaded around the forehead and temples, then outlined and filled in the nose, basically completing the top half of the face. then moving onto the mouth (which is the trickiest part), for this i only used the angled brush and the eyeliner from the palette, but you can use a liquid eyeliner to get a detailed finish. then shaded and filled in the bottom half of the face. 
lastly the neck area which is very quick and easy. 
the whole face shouldn't take longer than an hour, on my first go it was roughly 40 minutes, so a great look for if you're on a budget or a bit of a last minute Halloween make-over.

here's a few pictures from the 2nd practise and then final look on the night of the concert.

what do you think? will you be copying this look on Friday?

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