a thrifty fashion post

two of my favourite charity shops have shut down over the past couple of months which means i haven't had a binge for quite some time. however, a few days ago, i entered Sue Ryder not quite expecting to find the treasures i did (that's the best part i guess). after raiding the home section, i headed over to the sale rail where every item is either £1, £2 or £3, sounds too good to be true huh? well, my fingers were fired up to swish and pull the hangers apart and sniff out the real beauties. 

the thing with charity shopping is, you have to be optimistic. you also have to have some idea of what you're looking for, and with a little imagination (or pinterest inspiration), you're sure to find something to add to your wardrobe. and this particular trip was very successful.

i've been looking for a midi circle skirt for quite some time and was pleasantly surprised when i came across the satin-y soft navy skirt (originally from asda). i also was pleased to find the turtle necked cream top, i intend to wear the two together with a tartan scarf and boots. 

i'm a huge fan of layering: jumpers upon shirts upon coats upon wooly scarves. that's what my wardrobe pretty much consists of, things to be layered (not a practical summer selection i assure you). so i was glad to pick up two shirts that i intend to wear underneath a nice baggy jumper. the white shirt is from a brand called ecologie, sounds great to me, and is 100% linen, a bargain for £3! 

i'm not much of a fashion blogger but i may take a few snaps of these ensembles soon for a bit of autumn/winter fashion inspo.!

do you shop at charity shops?

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