the welsh coast | pembrokeshire

luckily, the weather seemed to be in our favour, making the coastal views quite stunning and making this holiday somewhat blissful (as blissful as it gets with a toddler).
we travelled up and down the West Coast, crossing bridges and driving through quant villages, taking a few stops along the way. each day we were in a different place; Tenby, Angle, Broad Haven, Bosherston.. absolute gems of Pembrokeshire. we dined and drank at historic pubs and had a good skip along the many beaches. had a munch on 'famous' fish and chips, meandered in and out of local shops and bakeries. each town has something different to offer and i thoroughly enjoyed exploring each one. when the sun shines you could think that you're abroad, the way the sea sparkles and it almost seems like a different world away. there are local butchers, fishmongers and delicatessen, that's something i rarely find back at home. it's quite grounding to see that there's still a community feel, grocers selling local produce untouched by supermarkets. towns unscathed by consumerism and fast paced modern living, it makes me want to slow down and live simply. and that's exactly what i did this holiday, i even managed to read a book. what a shame it had to end. 

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