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festival season is well and truly over. september has arrived and with it has brought us the promise of autumn. but before i start to get excited about that prospect, i want to share the photos from the festival of this year. for the first time, all three of us went to a festival together, with no expectations of what bringing a toddler would be like, but nonetheless, we packed our bags and headed to Northamptonshire with no map or sat nav. just the clothes on our back and costumes in the boot. here's what fun we got up to:

in the family field, there was always some drumming filling the air and bubbles floating around, i definitely felt like a happy child in that section dedicated for families, one of the important touches that made this festival so family friendly.

we weren't stuck for things to do, there were so many workshops going on, from leather workshops where we made our own wallet and bracelet. to woodland skills workshops - M made his very own stool from two blocks of wood, i don't think it gets any more rustic than that!

this band was one of the little highlights that made the festival for me, they would make their round the festival each day wearing the pinkest flamboyant outfits, playing tunes we all know and love. fan-bloody-tastic.

each night The Social Club had a line up of comedians to entertain.

THE BEST ALMOND CROISSANT I'VE EVER EATEN from Olivier's Bakery. i'm drooling just thinking about it right now.

aesthetically, each part of the festival is stunning. the detail and craftsmanship can clearly be seen everywhere you look. 

and of course the fancy dress parade on saturday evening showed off the effort people put into becoming the seas of Shambala.

yes, a mermaid and a shark, we had to dress up too!

unfortunately we only discovered the woods on the last afternoon we were at the festival, it was so beautiful, every tree had some form of decoration hanging from it, a little haven away from the wide open-ness of the main circle.

i've never been to a cleaner, greener, environmentally conscious festival. everyone we met was so friendly, no bad vibes here. each one of us thoroughly enjoyed every part of it. i would highly recommend this one to families or any one that's looking to just relax, take it slow, and enjoy
thank you shambala, we had a marvelous time. 

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