pretty packaging & Welsh treats

i must admit i'm a bit of a sucker for pretty packaging (& glass bottles/jars but that's another story).
 on our last day in South Wales we stopped by a local grocery and delicatessen market shop with home-made and local produce. from the welsh cakes to pasties and jarred jams, pickles and chutneys, definitely my kinda store. here's a couple of things i added to my basket, not just for the packaging, but these are things i'd never seen or even heard of. treats i wouldn't be able to get my hands on back in Bucks. i'm yet to try the Rose Lemonade but doesn't it sounds delicious?! oh and i couldn't leave the West without the beautifully creamy butter, seriously, it's life changing. 

lots of photos to come of the beautiful Welsh Coast so watch this space.

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