perks of autumn

as much as i love the sunshine and leaving the house with no coat and jelly shoes on, i cannot take the winter bug out of me - i love hearing the rain patting down on the window, while getting cosy underneath a chunky blanket.
of course the short 6 weeks of brilliant warm sun and heat are fantastic for many reasons, you know; tan lines, ice cream, seasonal costa drinks, new sunglasses and of course festivals ..... besides that i'm in love with Autumn.
 September you good old friend you, your arrival means the end of summer and have us wrapped up in wool and over-sized coats by the time you depart us. the signs of autumn really do have me rummaging through my cupboards for autumnal colours and boots. not only does this mean berry coloured lipsticks and nails, but brilliant autumnal colours are in the landscape too; red berries emerge on trees and bushes. chestnuts and pinecones litter park floors. evergreen trees are constantly saturated with droplets of rain and the nights are slowly creeping into darkness sooner accompanied with a chill in the air. the landscape is dotted with brown and red which was once green.

hello september, and hello autumn, isn't it good to see you again?!
are you looking forward to the autumn and winter months?

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