what's in my bag | packing for a festival

it's finally arrived, the family weekend i've been waiting for, the weekend of shambala festival is here and i'm running around non stop sorting not just me this time, but all three if us for the upcoming weekend. 
i did a similar post last year of what i took to bestival, but this time you can literally see what's inside my backpack.

usually i'm the type of person to pack a up to a week before an event, i'll unpack and repack everything just to make sure & in turn get a little more excited each day. this time however, as we are a pack of 3 going this time, i haven't had the time to do any of that, so here we are on the morning of the festival and this is what's in my bag:
  1. Wellies & Raincoat - absolute essentials, especially as the forecasted weather is raining and below 20 degrees. these two trust items have seen many festivals and camp sites and i'm hoping many more too.
  2. Separate Festival Beauty Bag - including such items as glitter, a compact mirror, eyelashes, sunglasses, hand sanitizer, energy tablets, all those things i've learned the hard way not to bring with me.
  3. Bare Minimum Essentials - all these items i use on a daily basis and would be lost without, so need to be brought with me anywhere and everywhere i go, working at Lush i am completely converted & refuse to use any other cosmetics, so we've got; Imperialis, 9-5, and Eu Roma Water to cleanse tone and moisturise, Chou Chou toothy tabs to have my breathe scented of sweet roses, Mint Julips lip scrub because let's face it i love smooth lips before applying lipstick/glitter and R&B for my hair everyday (and a stick deodorant)
  4. Fancy Dress - this years theme at Shambala is a Sea theme, so here i've tried to create a practical mermaid outfit out of a blue skirt i already own, pearl beads, the goldest glittery-ist jelly shoes i've ever seen (don't worry, they're not in my every day attire) and i glued a hair clip to a starfish to wear in my hair along with an enormous amount of glitter.
  5. Pillow - this is the first time i'll be taking a pillow camping because after years i just cannot find a comfortable one, i'm sure i'll be glad to bring one home comfort with me. 
So there we have it, this years festival in one backpack all displayed out for you guys to enjoy. I also have probably too many clothes stuffed in there as well but i'm sure you'll be seeing many photos of those when we return.

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