sun on the south coast

it was one of those beautiful days, the sun shone down onto the beach reflecting off the rippling sea and there was a disjointed scent of salt, seaweed and fish and chips. 
Brighton has always been a pleasant place to me, it's what i call a mini city: big enough to always have something to do and new things to discover but not London big which you get yourself lost in (in every way). there really isn't a better place to spend a rare Friday afternoon with M off work and a good friend visiting form up north. my favourite thing to do when i'm there is visit the lanes, an abundance of whimsical, cute and unique shops side by side down rickety lanes with coffee and tea cafes dotted in between. one shop i couldn't resist looking in, was brimmed with incense, crystals, handmade jewellery and just when i was sniffing the black coconut incense, the lady came up to me and asked me to pick a card from a pack of her tarot deck, so i did and received a mini reading there and then.. from day to day in my own town i wouldn't experience things like this. that is why i love exploring, and discovering these little gems. thanks Brighton for always showing me something different.

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