DIY storage boxes

in one of many home interior books and magazine i have stacked up in various locations around my house, there's a great thrifty DIY tip to transform cardboard shoe boxes. 
with a bit of paint and some leftover fabric i've created something stylish and unique to be used as storage. so if you're serial DIY-er or just like saving money i think you'll like this one... 

here's your plain old standard shoe box, there's probably one in your wardrobe too.

a little bit of fabric i had hiding in my cupboard next to a pot of paint.

with a little time and effort..


i have two new lovely boxes to show off in my home.
it's quite simple and doesn't have to cost a penny if you already have the materials lying around the house (or some you can nick from a friend or relative)

our living room is mostly shades of brown which worked perfectly with what i had available. so after two coats of mystical mushroom paint and a quick decoupage of fabric to the lids, you've got yourself some new storage.
(i think this would also look great with white paint and a lovely blue gingham print)

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