festival of love | lovebox festival

what do you go to a festival for? is it the music or the atmosphere? 

i put my hands up high for atmosphere. 
a festival is the only place you can prance around with flowers in your hair, glitter on your face, sequinned clothing and a beer in hand. all while the sun is still shining and strangers are but friends yet to have drunken conversations with - the music only plays a small part on the whole festival & this is in regards to Lovebox which lasts one day. 
a weekend festival is far more magical. but this is what i truly respect about Lovebox: they try to squeeze all that magic, glitter, music and dancing all into one day, and somehow they manage to pull it off. 
there's delicious food, (overpriced) beer, a roller disco, hammocks, a ferris wheel and an abundance of bars to choose from - this is all excluding the acts that were playing, which were of course, the highlight of the day.

everyone has their own idea of what a festival is. to each person it's something different, but you can't deny that thousands of people gathering in one place all with intentions to let go and have a good time is pretty special. so thanks, lovebox for the second year in a row, and here's to all the other festivals i wish i could (and will) attend.

what does a festival mean to you?

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