corben at 15 months

well little man, what can i say, you're personality is truly shining right now. each day you surprise me, melt my heart and make me laugh at the little person you're becoming. the last time i wrote this post you were not far off walking and now you are running around like a tiny zombie. my have you grown.

enjoying: passing me random objects that are within your reach. scribbling on every surface whenever you find a writing utensil. being outside. taking your shoes and socks off. you're no longer pulling out everything from the cupboards as i've put a lock on them to deter you, instead you'll go through my bag and proceed to scatter everything in there around the house, much to my frustration. funny noises, they make you giggle. cbeebies bedtime hour. weekly play groups. you've become brave and enjoy going down slides, even the big ones. you also enjoy bath time, you've got a ridiculous amount of bath toys which you'll happily splash around with. poking people's eyes. you like chatting to everyone and giving hugs while saying 'aaaahh' (aww)

favourites: your new favourite taken over from blueberries are raisins (bananas are still at the top spot though). you also love food, you quite literally trampled over me to get your hands on a rice cake and you'll want whatever i'm eating. you've been known to throw up from eating too much food. you still love pushing buttons, any buttons, even things that look like buttons, like my nose and eyes! you'll spend hours playing with your toys. you love going through all my lotions and creams and very expensive stuff as well as ruining my lipsticks (silly me for having them lying around). you love following me (or daddy) everywhere. 

development: you've started to climb which gives me a major heart attack when i think about what you'll be into next, I also caught you stood on the coffee table. your speech is coming along so well; you're great at mimicking words and i'm sure you're not far from saying your first word. you pick things up very quickly, it doesn't take you long to figure something out (which also deeply worries me), so i'm starting not to underestimate you, as you understand far more than would appear for a 15 month old. unfortunately you've started crying and stomping your feet to get what you want, which does not fly with me at all mr! you've also started doing dramatic coughs and sounds to get attention. you now have 7 teeth and 3 more on the way all at once. you're pointing and chatting a lot. you've also started to give me and daddy hugs. at bedtime you copy us by putting your finger to your lips and whispering 'sssss', i've also spotted you blowing a kiss a few times. 

dislikes: you hate having a hat on, which gives me a constant battle to protect your head from the sun. you really don't like it when we say no. you know when it's time to go to bed and get a bit tearful. you hate having your teeth brushed and don't like waiting for me to get your food ready. you get very agitated if you're in the buggy for too long. you still don't like tomatoes, cheese or mushrooms. you get very upset when i say goodbye (which makes me a little happy that you don't want me to leave but also breaks my heart). you cannot stay still for more than 2 minutes, but of course not when there's so much to discover!

well there you have it son, you at 15 months. you toddle around and continue to annoy me on occasions but fill my heart immensely too. let's see what the next few months bring and how you continue to change and grow.  

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