afternoon happenings & favourite bloggers

i'm still enjoying soup for a lazy lunch  - broccoli and Stilton with a seeded roll and of course my new baby that never leaves my side. also spent the quiet afternoon inside making flavoured popcorn from scratch, at least one person enjoyed it.

i've also been meaning to share my current favourite bloggers, so here goes
inked in colour

inked in colour is run by Sash Milne, she's a talented writer and has a lovely way of capturing moments. her blog is quite family based and I've mentioned her 'nothing new project' quite recently whereby she's going a whole year without buying anything new. it's been fascinating to share her journey which she is now half way through. but reading her blog really calms me and inspires me to be better. so go in and take a look.

joy felicity jane

my next favourite is Joy Felicity Jane, ran by Tania. i love the simplicity of her layout and googling at the beautiful pictures if her time in Australia. she has a lovely way of putting things and each post is always a pleasure to read.


now this one is for the little design freak in me. i've embraced my creativity and been inspired to capture photos. as you can see there's everything from beauty to home, so something for everyone here, and I'm a massive fan over their Instagram account too
but more on Instagram another time, I need a whole separate post for my favourites on there.

do you have any favourite bloggers? 

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