a punnet of raspberries & a drop of sunshine

working all weekend is no fun, especially when the weather decides to be extra specially good too. juggling two jobs can take its toll, so what better way to spend lunchtime than picking fresh berries as the sun beats down without a cloud in sight.
we made our way to Peterley Manor Farm and grabbed a punnet.

we traipsed up and down the fields trying, with difficulty, to decide which fruit to pick. it was a close call....

... after many tasters raspberries won. Corben found a great location a long the bush and we picked (and ate) to our hearts content.

1kg of raspberries later and i'm all smiles. i'm thinking a wonderful jam to go with some scones in the winter months when the promise of summer and fruit picking is long gone. 
have you been berry picking yet? 

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