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usually when I discover something truly wonderful I keep it to myself, I want to enjoy that thing without the opinions of other people. like any good music or book I discover I want to be amongst the few to know about it before it's tainted by flocking crowds of fans. but in regards to my most recent love, as much as I want to keep this (literally) close to my chest, it's too good not to share. 
Oh comely is a magazine i stumbled upon in whsmith while browsing the 'women's lifestyle' section. i'm not usually one to pick up a gossip or fashion mag, but this particular afternoon I had a coffee in hand and an afternoon to kill in the crisp spring air. what caught my eye about it was the statement on the first page: 'this magazine will make you smile'. my curiosity was sparked and I took it to the counter, headed to the park and spent the afternoon with my head stuck in it. 
from the first page i smiled, i laughed and nearly cried at points. it's a perfect balance of intellect, realness, talent and inspiring people. including stories about sisters, to experiments with mushrooms, music playlists, tie dying clothes and (my favourite) how to make bath bombs.  this is no glamour or company, it's one you'll cherish like a good book. one to stack upon your bedside table. It has you flicking back and forth, re-reading every page until the next edition graces the magazine aisle.
I'm all for a magazine that makes you actually feel better after reading it.
so if you like; a good read, funny, inspiring and unusual articles and want to learn how to make bath bombs I couldn't recommend oh comely higher. 

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