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i can't be the only one that loves peeking into a home interior magazine, i find myself idly goggling the home & garden section in WHSmith for far longer than i should. the thing is with those magazines is that all though i love the furniture porn, it always seems to be people who have a large budget and ample space to do up their dream home - this is pretty hard for me to relate to and quite frankly a bit depressing as it seems we're so far off achieving the refurbs in those magazine. so i've looked for other, more purse friendly and economical ways of finding inspiration for the home. 

we've been in our flat nearly 4 months (feels more like 4 years) and i'm always looking for ways to improve and style it up, so it's not border line student house. these books have given me so much inspiration not just for furniture but the little accents around the house that really tie the whole room together. each one of these books have one thing in common; to re-use or re-purpose household objects into beautiful and creative things. if you didn't know already, i'm a massive fan of up-cycling and recycling, especially when it involves home interiors. let's take a closer peak inside:

first a hand crocheted throw, now to hand make a rug!

this looks like a great activity to do at the weekend with Corben & M, looking for sticks in the woods!

as if i couldn't love candles anymore, these flowers look so beautiful & simple.

these books i've been lucky to have handed to me from others, but i've had a snoop at the books in charity shops and have come across similar. with my spare time i like to be creative as possible, i'm hoping in the next few weeks i'll produce some lovely creations to go in our home. 
do you like making or repurposing things to go in your house?

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