the best things in life

it seems that this generation are constantly reaching for a happier place, greener pastures, a sunnier climate, you may call it a pursuit of pleasure. while i agree that happiness is not a destination but rather an inner revelation or feeling, i find it's sometimes easier preached than done (or felt).
i think the best things in life truly are free: you can't put a price on friends, you can't put a price on family. you can't put a price on listening to a great song for the first time, or rediscovering old ones. you can't pay for that rare fuzzy feeling. i think the best way to appreciate life's real joys is to list them often:

afternoon naps
watching clouds float by
feeling the sun on your back
wrapping yourself in a warm blanket
receiving a compliment
that first sip of tea
the sound of rain
sitting round a campfire
a smell that makes you nostalgic but not melancholy
seeing old friends
creating something beautiful
the simple pleasure of appreciating flowers
the moments that make you feel alive
dipping bare feet into cool water
watching a great film for the first time
pottering around on a sunny day
making someone else feel good

lists like these really are grounding whilst simultaneously elating. why don't you give it a try and list the things that make you happy in life.

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