on making your own opportunities

i've always had a 'go get it' attitude but failed to actually live up to that standard. i always used to think things just sort of happened to me, rather than me shaping my own reality. it's taken me a while but i've realised there really is a cause and effect of everything, so if i'm not doing anything there will be no greater effects and nothing magical is going to happen to me overnight. so i've taken a few things upon myself to shape my future and opened the right doors. so using ones own intuition and gut, i decided to take a leap of faith and just talk to people in the fields i'm interested in. yes, it was as simple as that, who knew simply asking would actually get you what you wanted. 

quite recently i've realised that any career i pursue has to involve creativity and a challenge. there are a few hobbies i'm interested in which i could quite easily master the skill and become 'professional' at that, but thing is, being indecisive makes whittling those down incredibly difficult. it wasn't until a long journey to penzance and a woman's magazine that was the lightbulb idea that had me thinking that in fact floristry could be the career path for me. it combines creativity, skill and is a hard challenge but something i am totally up for.

so after this epiphany, i had my eye on floristry courses up and down london, until one afternoon as i walked passed a newly opened florist stall i decided, why don't i just ask? i'm going to just turn around and ask this woman how she became a florist!.... so long story short, one conversation lead to a sunday job in charge of the florist stall where i'll also be learning all it takes to become a good florist (and even have my own business).

what i'm trying to say is: to get where you want all it takes is a simple conversation with the right person. you just have to go with your gut instinct and put yourself out there, by pushing yourself out of your comfort zone for just a moment it could lead you to many door opening opportunities to progress in what you really want. so here's to this new job and shaping my future.

(on a similar note, i also used this new found gumption to land myself some free sewing lessons in exchange for my skills on the computer and using social media. perhaps i'll combine the two and create a wonderful business.)


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