money-less week

over the next week i'll be setting myself a challenge: to go just 7 days without spending any money; no costa coffees, no lunch time baguettes or random bits from wilko i think are necessary, no browsing the charity shops or sneaky internet shopping. the temptation will be hard to resist of course, but every now and then when money becomes tight or i find myself idly walking around the shopping centre, i find it's nice to just remove myself from that for a short while. 
it gives me a chance to focus on other things, possibly more creative things, perhaps even spending more quality time with friends, or maybe just reading a book where i'd otherwise be sifting through clothe racks. above anything else, this is more of a personal goal to see if i can stop being driven by consumerism - i've followed Sash's journey from the beginning of her 'nothing new' project over at Inked In Colour, which as it implies, buying nothing new for a whole year. in many ways this has inspired and moved me to see how much i can go without, so for one week i'll be doing just that: pushing myself to see if i can go without (and hopefully save money).

the one thing i won't be sacrificing however is the grocery shopping, this i see as essential and won't feed my family pasta and pesto for the next week, but instead i will cut back our usual average spend by giving us a strict budget of £40 for three. this includes dinner, lunch and whatever we have in the cupboards to get by on. 
so to prepare for this, M and i sat down and created a weekly meal plan, i find creating a meal plan for the week is a great way to budget and account for every meal and any extras we may fancy. this is where Jamie Oliver once again comes in handy with his money saving recipe book. i'm also a massive point collector, with a costa, boots, tesco and nectar card to stash my points on, so if i get to friday and we have no bread i'll use whatever points i have to get the compulsory food items.

so here goes, my one week without unnecessary spending & mindlessly buying. who knows i might become Mark Boyles sidekick as the money-less woman.

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