mid-week milestone

so we're half way through the money-less week & so far i've managed to not spend a single penny, and actually managed to get the food shopping just under £40 (by 72p). however working opposite a Topshop when they have a half price sale is close to torture and i probably haven't timed this too well as i've run out of shower gel and am using the tiny slither of soap i have left from christmas (snowcake to all those lush fans), we're also low on washing powder and there are important letters i have to post, but i'm sure i'll find a way to go by on what we have until monday. 
to be completely honest, it's been much easier than i thought, but i shan't speak too soon as we still have the weekend to come. in the meantime i've picked up my crochet needle and have started a new blanket (with the yarn i already have).

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