the last morning | Penzance

the last morning we spent taking a walk down the pebbled beach, the tide was out so we got plenty of choice of pebbles to take with us. corben enjoyed walking (and falling. a lot) on the sand and picked his first beach rock to take home.

i think holidays/short breaks away like this are going to become a lot more important to us Brits: we're starting to realise the importance of comforts at home and reverting back to local and homely surroundings it seems. so the british coast, although has been neglected and forgotten, i feel is going to become a much more ideal holiday location for families, not just with young children but i'm hoping everyone. 
it's small towns like Penzance & Marazion that need the economy tourists bring to revive their community. there are some beautiful places in England which we rule out far too quickly for sunnier pastures. when at the end of the day, as long as you're with the most loved people in your life, does it matter if you're on white sand under a hot sun or stumbling across a pebbled beach listening to the waves on the english coast. 

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