wild mushroom risotto

we went to portobello road, to buy some portobello mushrooms at the portobello market. well that's not the only reason we went but M being a fungi fanatic he couldn't leave without buying some exotic mushrooms. so here we have a wild mushroom risotto. ever so simple (and doesn't have to cost a fortune, plain old mushrooms from the supermarket will do)

you will need:

olive oil
2 garlic cloves.
1 onion
300g mushrooms 
250g of risotto rice
1 vegetable stock cube
handful of parsley
a chunk of parmesan
knob of butter
slat & pepper
  1. heat about 2tbs of olive oil in a pan. crush the garlic and fry until golden. chop the onion and add to the pan. wash and chop the mushroom and add to the pan. 
  2. whilst this is cooking, measure out the rice and boil the kettle for the stock cube. 
  3. when mushrooms are cooked through add the rice and stir until coated. 
  4. pour the boiling water into a jug with the stock cube and stir then slowly add to the pan, stirring constantly until the rice absorbs all the water. if the rice is undercooked add a splash of water and stir until cooked. 
  5. take the pan off the heat, add the butter and stir in. cover for a few minutes to let the rice soak any excess liquid.
  6. finally season with salt & pepper to taste, scatter the chopped parsley on top and grate the parmesan over. serve and enjoy.

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