waste not want not

i am really passionate about wasting less and buying things second hand: that's a trait i guess i get from my own mother after years of dragging me around charity shops. so when it came to decking out our new flat, there was no doubt in our minds that we'd be scouring the charity shops. it's also quite daunting when you realise how much you need just to live day to day, even with the bare minimum there's a hefty list of items, so without a big budget it was a new challenge for us to get everything we needed for as cheap as possible, or free where possible. so i took to the charity shops, stocking up on everything from cutlery to fruit bowls and cushions. that was until we decided to take a trip to the dump where we pretty much hit the jackpot. we purchased our coffee table and four chairs all for £30. the coffee table is the centre piece of our living room, it's sturdy, practical and easy on the eye. our dining chairs sadly were out in the rain, so we re-upholstered them ourselves, which cost £6 for the material. for a long time we didn't have a dining table, after about a month of daily visits to the British Heart Foundation i spotted this one all for £25. M picked up an old champaign crate from a local antique guy which hangs proudly on our wall as a shelf. i'm quite proud to say that everything in our lounge is second hand, not only does each piece of furniture have a story and a previous owner, but it's also recycling at its best, mother nature would be proud.

would you go shopping at the dump for your new home? 

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