being 12 months

enjoying: watching me hoover. wheeling your red fire truck along any given surface. opening the bathroom cabinet and taking out most of its content. pressing buttons. throwing your food on the floor.
banging your fork against the high chair. the sound of your new xylophone.

eating: cheerios. blueberries. wheetos. bananas. pasta, any type of pasta, with pesto is your favourite. you're still not a fan of cheese, all though you love it melted in pasta and toasted sandwiches. you pretty much eat whatever we eat now and ALWAYS want whatever i'm eating. i'm so glad you like avocado as it's one of my favourites. i'm hoping you won't be a fussy eater, it's going well so far.

talking: you're very good at mimicking sounds. you can pronounce s' and t's very well, you even tut at us. you say 'tica' a lot which we assume means tickle as it resembles what we say whilst tickling you. you like being loud and getting attention. you can be very chatty

appearance: you are the perfect combination of both your parents. you resemble both of us when we were babies. your have your dads eyes, a mixture of blue brown and green. you have dimples, one of which is more prominent. your hair is still very fine but it's starting to come through much more at the back, i can't imagine what you'd look like with dark hair. 

habits: you still suck your thumb but only occasionally when you're tired or in discomfort. you stick your tongue out and waggle it a lot. you've started to point at people and things. you have a lot of expression in your feet and kick your legs when you're excited. you still have a nap every day before lunch time.

favourites: without a doubt your favourite thing to eat is blueberries. you also love orange juice and refuse milk unless it's before bedtime. you love bouncing to any kind of music or tune that you hear and you now like to listen to a story before bedtime.

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