antique fair

among charity shopping, up-cycling and spotting a bargain, is another one of my most joyous pleasures... antiques: in other words old vintage stuff that will look cool in my house. it was almost perfect that as we arrived back in Essex we stumbled across Bocking's antique fair (if i had a tail it would've started waggling at this precise moment). armed with my purse and a camera i trail-blazed ahead of M to dive into the alice in wonderland type rabbit hole of antique collections. each crevice and nook and cranny were stuffed to the brim with; trunks, books, sewing machines, records, radios, knitted blankets, tins, jewellery and art from every decade. if i had all the time in the world it still wouldn't have been enough to sift through it all. yet i had a good crack at it and left with a few new kitchen pieces and a fairly large cooking pot that i still haven't found a use for.
it's places like this that i think really put the challenge into home interiors: it's easy for anyone to go to the nearest ikea or cargo fill up their cart and go, but there's just something a little more special about an item or a piece of furniture that's had a past life and i want to keep those in circulation by shopping at antique fairs or car boots or any charity shop i can sniff out and let that past live on.

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