1. 1.
    a strong desire to travel.
    "a man consumed by wanderlust"


i sit here at my gingham covered table drinking my tea as i stare up out the window looking upon rolling hills onto an evergreen horizon, which almost seems like the end of the earth. i lust over adventures over on sunnier pastures. when i close my eyes i can imagine hot sun on my face, i hear the hustle and bustle of cars on cobbles in Italy, the scent of coffee and cigarettes in Paris, the crystal clear sea in Thailand, a picturesque mountainous backdrop in Canada. these are places i've never seen, never been to and the desire to travel there is sometimes overwhelming. i find myself daydreaming as i hear the rumbling of the train as it passes through the station opposite my humble abode. i'm a person who's always been in familiar surroundings, i know the faces of my town, i recognise the houses and plants that grow where my feet walk, but my curiosity is fuelled by the unknown, i want to see the foliage that's rich in other countries, i want to walk down narrow paths that i'm unsure where it leads to. i'm in my ripe early 20's with nothing but possibility and adventure before me, i don't want to get comfortable with routine and familiarity to find myself in 10 years time doing the same meticulous tasks. i want to broaden my horizons and my mind.there's a whole world out there beyond the horizon outside my window, one day, maybe sooner than later we'll dive headfirst into that unknown.

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