mothering sunday

yesterday was my 1st mothers day: last year i spent it with my feet up, probably balancing a cup of chamomile tea on my enormous bump and a day overdue. this year i woke up to a cuddly 12 month old who surprised me with a cute card (well done Matt). so we spent the morning on the balcony with a cooked breakfast of scrambled egg on bagels.

even on a day like yesterday it's hard for the fact to sink in that yes i have a child, i am a mother. me, the person who hated children. it's changed everything and as much as i love being a mother, i won't let that get in the way of who i am. yes it defines me, it's made me who i am today and i wouldn't have any of what i have without him, but that doesn't mean i won't live my life. it doesn't mean i don't have aspirations and goals that aren't get up and change nappies all day. he is the reason i get up in the morning. becoming a mother has given me that certainty that most of us spend our 20's searching for.

now i understand why there is a whole day dedicated to us, the mum's, the ones who've been through it all, we love unconditionally, give generously and put ourselves last. we're just women just trying to do the best and it still fascinates me what our bodies can cope with. i'm blessed, to be able to have a family, to have a little boy, and a boyfriend. so here's to being a mum, and here's to my mum, who i now see as a friend and a strong woman instead of just a parent. 

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