a letter to Corben

Dear Corben
It's your first birthday today, a whole year since you were born, oh how you've grown. As parents, we watched you go through each stage, from lifting your own head up, to smiling, rolling over and now you're nearly walking and have us chasing around after you.
You're smart, curious, adventurous and independent. You're a happy little soul with such a calm temperament and we're so lucky to have you.
You can light up a room. You inspire hope within people of all ages. To some you're the future, to others you're their past but you're our present. Each day comes with a new challenge by having you in our lives and without you we'd be nothing, no drive or goal to accomplish, your dad and i would be lost wandering souls.
You've bought family together again, you've sparked motivation within not only me but so many people. You probably don't realise how loved you are. Strangers comment on how smiley you are, i hope that never fades away.

You brought your dad and me together as what i can only describe as fate, maybe i'm deluded but i know you were just meant to be. I hope we, your parents, can become better people for you, as we owe everything to you.

We were there from the start and we will always be there. I'm sure there'll be a day where you rebel against us.... or maybe not. Perhaps one day you'll travel the world or become a scientist, a gymnast or maybe something that doesn't exist yet. Maybe you'll be unsure like many people are. Whatever the future holds for you i know that you can achieve whatever you want, as long as you're happy. Here's to first year, and every year here after.

Love from us, your loving parents.

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