the afternoon

between the frequent showers of this typical english weather there's a calmness in the air that only clear skies can bring. for a long while i almost forgot what the sun looked like, but it seems spring really is in the air and it's brought with it fewer grey clouds and more blue skies. the cherry blossom opposite my balcony is starting to bloom and i see daffodil bulbs starting to emerge.

i've always been a winter bug, i'm most comfortable in oversized jumpers, big coats and boots. i like staying in cooking hearty meals and sipping endless cups of tea, but there's a promise in the air that this summer will be glorious. i can see late evenings in the park, weekend walks through the copious fields that surround us, beer and bbq's on the balcon.

i think about this while i sit quietly in the afternoon after the heavy showers and the sun fills the room. on this particular afternoon i snacked on almonds and dark chocolate adjusting the singer sewing machine i found, sipping a long since cold cup of earl grey. i have a feeling this will be one of the last afternoons of its kind as the start of summer greets us.

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