if you're going to kick ass, you'll need kickass shoes

the month of February has been one with a lot to tackle and we're only half way through. however, just as my calendar suggests, i've got my kick-ass shoes and kicked this months ass.

i don't think you realise how much is involved in moving until you open empty cupboards, or have a sudden realisation that you don't own a broom (or a hoover). it's not just moving house, it's starting a new life, from scratch. amongst all of this, i've realised there are so many great things i can do, if i can leave home at 20 with a partner and a baby i don't think there's much i can't achieve. with this move i've had a new lease of life, a really positive attitude, i've also realised that i should utilise the time i have on my hands, something everyone is so short of. i understand now that time really is of the essence (and i'm kinda annoyed with myself that i haven't done something astounding with it yet).
 with this new attitude and a whole lot of motivation, this is all going to change.
i intend to kick every month's ass, because there's so much i can achieve if i just put my mind to it.

here's to the beginning

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