call me cupid

i'm aware many people aren't big on Valentine's Day, yes i understand you should show people you love them everyday as that's what good people do etc. however, i think that's easier said than done, sure we should be spontaneously romantic and kind all the time to our loved ones but it's so easy to get wrapped up in our day to day lives becoming self obsessed that we DO forget to show our appreciation.
so once a year it is nice to get a little reminder that says hey! stop worrying about yourself and shower your lover/best friend/children/cats with affection and i don't mean in terms of gifts, there's no need to spend copious amounts of money to say i love you. i've seen so many adverts and blog posts suggesting what to get and how much to spend, damn i even sell limited edition Valentine's bath products at work, but i really do think this is all unnecessary, there needn't be a price tag on love because it is universal, it's something we all share and thrive on, just throwing gifts around lacks imagination.
this evening, when M comes home, we'll be spending the time together in our new place and sure we do this every evening but today we have an excuse for it to be extra special, i'll light some candles and we'll talk about our day, we'll cook dinner together and plan what to do this weekend. this might not sound like anything special compared to the evenings others may have planned, but that's what works for us. i don't need to spend a fortune to prove i'm thankful for having him around. this day let's you not put yourself for once, a reminder to be selfless, thoughtful and caring, because it's impossible for us to be that every day.
or maybe i'm just a hopeless romantic

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