times are a changin'

dear blog,
sorry i've neglected you. i realise the last time i wrote properly was a month ago and my dashboard has been collecting dust. however, i've hardly been able to catch my breath these past few months and the last thing on my mind has been a decent blog post, which i regret as this is one thing i really enjoy. we all had a wonderful Christmas (my best yet) and an eventful New Year's (which i also regret not blogging about) but seeing as it's only the 2nd day of January and it's still fresh in my mind, i'm going to post reflecting on the this last 12 months.

to all of you that know me, know the past year has been a drastic turn in events, one i would have never foreseen just 2 years ago. however, i truly think it's been the making of me. not just me. us. last January i was misserable and anxious about how much my life would change and now i'm sat here writing this as i admit 2013 has been the best year of my life. ironically this year has made me feel the luckiest girl on this planet. there are so many things i've learnt, not just about myself but also about what it takes to be a mother and a decent girlfriend too (and balancing the two). not only have i got myself a job at the best place ever. i've grown so much, i'm no longer a girl, i'm a woman, a mother. i also want to thank Matt, for being my rock. as much as we've bickered like an old married couple and nearly come to our wits end, i don't know how i would do any of this without you. 

as for 2014: if i carry on this upward journey i know this year will only be better. i'm already super excited about what's in store for us. a lot is going to change and i can't wait to embrace it, because i definitely realise now that change is good.

p.s. it looks like my blog will be on hold until march of mid february, BUT when i'm back i'll be sharing some exciting news, so followers please don't give up on me. adios.

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