hello again

it's been a while coming but i can safely say i'm back
the blog had to take a back seat this last month with Christmas plans and preparations taking over. we've also had a stressful few weeks of January as we've been preparing for something M and I have been desperately waiting for.. i know i said i'd be saving this until February but i'm far too excited and have to share with you all that we're finally moving house.
for someone who's never been away from home longer than two weeks, this is a massive step for me. it's something i've fantasised about for so long and now that the time for me to fly the nest is here it still doesn't feel like it's real. i've spent hours on pinterest curating the perfect mood board for each room of our new place and scrolling through gumtree endlessly only adding to my excitement, now the day is only two weeks away but somehow it still hasn't sunk in.
i'm going to have to learn to adjust with the new setting and new life we're facing but if i know one thing, it's that change is good & i cannot wait to embrace being an independent little family. the three of us.

so over the next few weeks, you'll be hearing a lot about packing, moving and probably decorating as we settle into our humble abode. we're so happy to finally be moving forward.
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