inspiration can be found everywhere

when i see how much attention and controversy surrounds celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, Rihanna and the likes of all these women in the media, it makes me worry that these people are 'role models' idolised by society, because they are 'famous'. fame is just an illusion. a deluded illusion which is poisoning minds of women across the globe into thinking that these 'stars' are some form of God-ly, when actually they're the same as you and i. they're still people, no matter how 'famous' they are. they have friends and families just like you. it worries me that we, as a generation, aspire to this status and are inspired by these people, regardless of any talent or intellect they may (or may not) have.
 i may be guilty of idolising Lana Del Rey but i'm also aware that she is no different than me or anyone else i know. celebs like this may be inspiring in what they've achieved and what they've been through but at the end of the day they're just a person who's managed to become very succesful at what they're good at, but so are people every where, all around us. the only difference between us and them is the illusion of fame. what i think is more important is can inspiration be found in the 'normal' people around me? it's very unlikely that i'll ever met Beyonce so i want to see success in the women that i know personally. i think inspiration can be found in people like our mothers, our friends and family. they've probably been through some tough times and still managed to survive and carry on, regardless of any fame status. the closer you look around you the more inspiration you'll find in people.
i'm inspired by friend Lisa, who's managed to become so much more independent in a short space of time and do some great things at Uni after losing her father a few years ago. i'm inspired by my boyfriend, who's become a great dad, graduated uni and has (nearly) got a job all in under one year. i'm also inspired by my mum who's managed to raise three children with not much help, not much money and although she still struggles she always manages to help us in more ways than one. i'm also inspired by all of the people i know and old friends who are in the same situation as me: being a young couple and young parents despite the negativity surrounded with that. i'm inspired every day by reading blogs and even on twitter. i think this may be because i surround myself with aspirational people so i'm constantly improving myself and trying to better the lives and attitudes of those around me. 
if you don't feel inspired on a regular basis maybe you need to reconsider what and who you give your attention to. by focusing on 'normal' people who are also succesful you'll give yourself a much healthier and realistic goal of what success really is. 
success to me is raising a family of individual, open minded people striving to constantly become a better person and lead a happy, simple comfortable life with my other half. success to me is not getting in the finals of x factor and having 15 minutes of fame.
 if i know in my old age that i've inpsired just one other person i'd be very happy. 
The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be

who inspires you?

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