the man who lived without money

a few weeks ago, i was sent a link to an article about 'the man who lives with no money'. i've had many discussions recently about the object of money and a strong part of me feels we've all been trapped by the rat race to who can get the most of it. so when i saw this i was instantly intrigued by this man. there's a lot of controversy surrounding his journey without spending, it seems there's a 50/50 battle between people who admire his bravery and wish they had the courage to do it themseleves and others who are completely dumbfounded and critical of why the hell he'd do it in the first place. regardless of what your thoughts are, the sheer bravery of this man to completely segregate himself from modern society should be enough to praise and acknowledge before one starts analysing his words and reasons for doing it.
reading this reminds me of the post i wrote about spending too much time on social media... i know i've mentioned it a lot recently, but it's something i feel so passionate about and im really starting to see it's a problem in society. about two weeks ago after i ranted about going on a strike from social media on my phone i actually lost the damn thing... this probably sounds ludacris to most of you reading this as i can imagine you don't let go of your phone for more than 5 minutes, if that, and i'm ashamed to admit i wasn't for off that either.. but honestly i'm so glad i lost my phone, after the first few days of pulling my hair out trying to find it i just waved my white flag and carried on with life.. i soon realised i don't want it, i don't need it and i can live without a little device of metal glass and plastic.. this was just the start of a new attitude toward life and what i percieved as important. I'm embarassed that i even attatched such significance to an inanimate object and now i think it's sad that as a generation we cannot function without the internet.. well that's a lie, we CAN function without internet because before the last 50 years there was no such thing, and us as a human race still exist so it's not the be all and end all.
i've always felt slightly sad that we're so out of touch with nature, i sound like a hippy when i try to explain to my friends the importance of trees, earth and nature, they try to hide their sniggers.. but did you ever stop to think how amazing it is that the ground we walk on provides us with edible resources that make us survive?! food literally grows out of the ground, but we sit infront of the goggle box with our superficial packaged meals not giving a flying monkey about what we're putting inside of our bodies. Gillian McEath was spot on saying we are what we eat, and we're turning into a bunch of plastic fake artificial human beings with no real substance.we're so out of touch with who we are that we don't know how to function, we've got depression, cancer, illness, murderers, suicides all because we're forced to live a life that's not true to us, we're brainwashed by phones, propaganda news, fake headlines, gossip magazines, false images - i predicted a zombie apocolypse and it's here, we're living it,
 we ARE the zombies
we can't even communicate properly because we're too busy staring at facebook. we live in a world where talking to someone across the other side of the world is instantaneous but most of us don't look past our noses.
i know this is a heavy subject to be talking about on my blog, but if there's anything i'm passionate about it's this. i'm passionate about life and truth. it's time we switched off and opened our eyes. every day we're told by the people in suits behind their fancy desks that hold a bunch of papers (sometimes instead of an iPad). they sit there and tell us things are bad, but we know things are bad. they tell us the economy is collapsing and people are dying. they make us believe we are worth so little that we've started turning against eachother. people on the tube won't let an old lady sit down, people being attacked are ignored in the street, being a decent human being shouldn't be bold it should be natural. every day we're fed the same crap and you wonder why we're all depressed... i never watch the news because when i have in the past, i'm left with a gut-renching, empty feeling that makes me think the world we live in is a horrible place, but it's not, it's a beautiful place to live and it's filled with beautiful people that we'd find if only we switched off our tv's. we are mankind and we should be looking out for eachother, our friends, families and neighbours. it's more than just turning off your phones, or stop trolling twitter, it's about being clued up. let's stop ignoring eachother and start helping eachother.

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