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this is my first ever product review on the blog, i'll tell you why, i didn't start this blog to talk about make-up and beauty products because i didn't want to follow the herd. i blog to share my experiences and rant about life and everything i'm passionate about (as my followers will know). since getting the job at Lush i've really started to feel strongly about their products and how ethical, environmentaly friendly and might i add amazing they are.. i've also never felt so passionate about any beauty product before as, apart from mascara and eyebrow pencils, i just don't wear make-up, so my skin doesn't really need much maintenance, however i am enthusiastic about pampering and indulging myself with baths and nice smelly stuff.
 luckily now that i work there, i'm up to my eyeballs (seriously) in Lush products, i am not complaining, it feels like christmas every day. i've been given samples on lots of things i haven't tried before such as cleansers and moisturisers. i don't have the time in the morning to prime and prep my skin to then slap on make-up, i've never had a skincare routine, i just need a quick hit of soap and i'm out. so when i was given a bag of samples to test, i was quite anxious, but very willing to try everything.
so in the shower the next morning, i tried the facial cleanser 'let the good times roll'. firstly, it smells beautiful: not too sweet or strong but quite oaty and honey scented, a really pleasent smell. as i was instructed, i pinched a bit off and started rubbing it in my hand to make a paste, it's quite grainy which makes it a good exfoliater. after washing it off, i immediately felt the difference, my skin was smoother and 100x softer. not only that, it was glowing. this is a cleanser so it's to be used daily. obviously you can use it as often or as little as you like. but after a couple of weeks of using it every day i'm no less impressed, it leaves the same result as the first time. this is my new beauty essential. another thing i must mention is how well it works for spots, it's not targeted at treating problem skin but i noticed when i ran out of my sample a couple of spots came back so it really is a wonder product. 

that's all for now. i hope you enoyed my first ever beauty review and i'm sure i'll be sharing more Lush reviews in the future.
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