it's beginning to look a lot like christmas

the before shot

i know it's not quite December yet, but i've caught the 'festive bug' and decided to decorate the house two days earlier than what's acceptable.
we never usually have a set date in our household to put the tree up and this year i'm just far too excited to wait. our little tree that found it's way into our house last year has been waiting patiently in the garden through rain and shine and i'm sure he's grown. it's so nice using the same one two years in a row, it's bringing back many memories of my life just one year ago - spending evenings with the bump, pigging out infront of the tv, now 'bump' is crawling around and making a lovely mess trying to have a peek at what i'm doing behind this laptop.

i've gone for a gold and red theme this year and dug out a few forgotten festive beanie babies.. remember those?! instead of tinsel i've used red and gold ribbon. along with tree decorations, i've put a few touches around the living room (and wherever else i've seen fit). i've also been listening to christmas songs all day (after a morning of Beyonce)
have you got the christmas bug yet? 

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