birthday celebrations


last week M turned 23, it was a lovely addition to the events we had leading up to it, being Halloween and Guy Fawks. it's been a good celebratory month and i'm getting right into the festive spirit.
i had planned his birthday about a month in advance, but unfortunately my romantic picnic idea was ruined by the very british weather, so instead we had it inside. Corben loved being nosy and eyeing up the treats. we popped open some sparkling white wine, turned off the lights, i then made Matt make a wish (you can never be too old for that). he then impatiently unwrapped his presents with a massive grin on his face - i treated him to a few Lush treats; Tailor Made Spa treatment, Green Fun and Cosmetic Warrior, it's not just girls that need a bit of a pamper every now and then - all wrapped lovingly in one of Lush's gorgeous Knot Wraps (a great christmas gift btw).
i made reservations at The Sausage Tree too indulge in some exotic meat. when we arrived it was buzzing full of chatter and laughter, something i didn't expect for a Wednesday evening. boasting a very interesting menu, they serve sausages made from Kangaroo to Ostrich and Duck, they also do some great traditional options for those who aren't feeling too brave. i went for the 'drunken duck'. all sausages are served with mash potato, gravy and beans/peas. Matt went for something more classic which was a smokey sausage and was quite literally orgasmic: each mouthful had a delightful woody flavour. we washed it all down with beer and wine. 
it was a lovely evening all in all. spending time together alone is quite rare for us and it was well spent - an equal mixture between a quiet night in and wining and dining.
(p.s. Matt i ate the last piece of your cake, sorry (not sorry))

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