a month long to-do list

as much as i love a good list, i'm starting to get overwhelmed with the ever growing, ever changing list of things i must do. up until last month it's all been a bit plane sailing, i described myself being in limbo, but now that it's Mercury Retrograde again, everything has hit the fan, at the same time.. typical.

(if you're confused as to what mercury retrograde is, it's when the planet Mercury slows down, and appears to stop and move backward (retrograde). it's an optical illusion, since there is forward movement, it appears to go backward. this happens three to four times per year and can be blamed for lots of crazy stuff that happens. are you wondering why you're phone went bust the other day, or your computer won't start? it's all in the planets, baby. you can read more about it here, with some helpful tips on how to survive this awful cycle. but if you're not into all that planets and astrology mumbo jumbo just ignore my ramblings)

 this time of year however, is my favourite: the autumnal colours and festive fragrances always please me. i'm one for cosy evenings and hearty meals. the lead up of events until the end of the year is exciting, but for my life to suddenly go full throttle from what was more of a stand still is giving me whiplash. first, there was halloween, Corben's teeth came through (he now has two pearly whites after a gruesome week of crying and sleepless nights), we went to the zoo, yesterday was guyfawks night, its also Matt's birthday, today in fact! then my first shift at Lush is this saturday, and before i know it, Christmas will be here and then it's a new year and i'm struggling to find time to fit all the things i want to do as well as my arms length list of things to do in to this seemingly short period of time.. *and breathe*. as for how i plan to get through this hectic month, well, a substantial amount of baths (thank you Lush for the freebies) and a copious amount of more lists, and perhaps an excel spreadsheet. the way i see it is, i have to be organised to survive until the end of this year, not forgetting to breathe.

and as for today i'm sat here posting this while i should be running around like a headless chicken organizing my boyfriend's birthday plans (i needn't tell you i'm disorganised)
 happy wednesday!

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